JAKIRO skill and item build up


JAKIROThe Twin Headed Dragon
Range: 400 | | Move Speed: 305 | Primary: INT
Str: 24 + 2.3 | Agi: 10 + 1.2 | Int: 28 + 2.8
Damage: 52 – 64 | HP: 606 | Mana: 364
HP Regen: 0.97 | Mana Regen: 1.13
Attack Speed: 1.4 (+ 10% IAS) | Armor: 0.4

Dual Breath (D)

Jakiro’s twin heads let loose an ice blast followed closely by a wave of fire, each dealing initial damage. Enemy units are both slowed and dealt fire damage per second for 4 seconds.

Level 1 – 35 damage per breath, 5 fire damage per second.
Level 2 – 70 damage per breath, 10 fire damage per second.
Level 3 – 105 damage per breath, 15 fire damage per second.
Level 4 – 140 damage per breath, 20 fire damage per second.
Mana Cost: 120
Cooldown: 10

One of the best nukes in the game, high damage and fast cooldown. The total damage dealt adds up to 360 without including magic resistance, even higher than Pugna’s Nether Blast and it still has a slow effect.

Ice Path (T)

Creates a path of ice in front of Jakiro. After 1 second the path explodes and freezes nearby enemy units.

Level 1 – Freeze for 0.5 seconds.
Level 2 – Freeze for 1 seconds.
Level 3 – Freeze for 1.5 seconds.
Level 4 – Freeze for 2 seconds.
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 16

The only disable that Jakiro has. The advantage of this skill is that it can disable more than 1 hero at a time, but it’s pretty difficult to aim. Some of you may not believe it, but aiming this skill is just like aiming Pudge’s hook.

Auto Fire ()

While one of Jakiro’s heads attacks enemies, his other head occasionally spits a fireball at a nearby enemy in front of him, causing fire damage per second in the target area. Can trigger a maximum of once every second. Lasts 5 seconds

Level 1 – 25% chance to spit a fireball that deals 10 damage per second.
Level 2 – 30% chance to spit a fireball that deals 20 damage per second.
Level 3 – 35% chance to spit a fireball that deals 30 damage per second.
Level 4 – 40% chance to spit a fireball that deals 40 damage per second.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Although a great skill for farming, it is pretty useless in my opinion. The damage dealt to heroes after magic resistance is 27/sec, and creeps even do more damage than that, and it seldoms catches heroes under it for more than 1 second. Other than farming, this skill has no other purpose in my opinion.

Macropyre (R)

Jakiro unleashes a line of pulsing flame strikes in front of him. Each flame strike deals damage per second for 5 seconds, and has a 200 AoE radius. Distance increased per level.

Level 1 – 75 damage per second.
Level 2 – 125 damage per second.
Level 3 – 175 damage per second.
Mana Cost: 220/330/440
Cooldown: 60/75/90

At first look, one might think: 175 damage for 5 seconds! But in actual fact, this skill is a pain in the ass to land it properly to achieve the maximum damage. It mostly can only achieve the maximum damage together with the helps of your allies or with items.

Skill Build

1.Dual Breath
2.Stats/Ice Path*
3.Dual Breath
4.Stats/Ice Path*
5.Dual Breath
7.Dual Breath
8.Ice Path/Stats
9.Ice Path/Stats
22-25.Auto Fire

Why no auto fire till the last few levels?
Autofire is nothing but a farming tool, it is undependent for harassing as the most enemy heroes would stay there would be 1-2 seconds, and after magic resistance it only deals less than 30damage. Plus, Autofire damages your OWN teammates.
Why get Macropyre at level 6? It’s plain useless for killing since you don’t have diffusal or Guinsoo at that time.
I get it as a backup nuke, it might be useless till later levels but you never know when it might be of use, especially if you have allies such as Treant or Enigma.
When to get Ice Path instead of Stats early game?
Only get Ice Path instead of stats early game if you have a ranged stunning/disabler ally so that you can land Ice Path easily, otherwise do not bother getting it at all as it is difficult to aim and deals no damage, plus you wouldn’t be able to do much either even if he is frozen.

Item Build
Item Order
1. Chicken + 2 Ironwood branches
2. Ring Of Regen
3. Void Stone
4. Headress, Buckler, Form Mekasm
5. Boots
6. Robe of magi, staff of wizardy, Eul’s recipe
7. Boots Of Travel
8. Form Guinsoo if your charges of cyclone is used up, if not then start building skadi

1.Chicken is to help you stay in lane longer by ferrying your early mekasm to you for being able to stay in your lane longer and harass your enemy to oblivion.
2.Void Stone is gotten as soon as possible to enable more spamming of Dual Breath and Mekasm heal and as a stepping stone to form your cyclone stick.
3.Mekasm is gotten as soon as possible to help your stay in your lane longer after being harassed, and with THD’s high mana pool he should have no problem using it whenever he needs it.
is then gotten to pull off your combos on low hp int and agi heroes to kill them easily and also as a escaping and ganking tool.
5.Boots Of Travel is then gotten for faster farming and defending and also chasing down retreating heroes for a final dual breath/ice path.
6.Eye of skadi is then gotten to boost Jakiro’s survibility and at the same time as a support slow for your allies.
7.Guinsoo is of course formed after Eul’s charges have been used to provide you with a permanent disable. 3 second hex is also very useful for enemies to stay in the area of macropyre.
Luxury Items
1.Radiance to deal even more damage when they are trapped in Ice Path+ hexed. Also, it suits Jakiro’s AOE theme pretty well with the slow from Skadi, making them take more damage from immolation before they can escape.
2.Eul’s as an extra disable is always welcome on the team, especially late game when you would probably have trouble with DPS heroes.
3.Manta style for summoning powerful images with THD’s high str gain + the enormous stat gain from skadi. The images can also land more hits on an enemy with the help from the slow from skadi.
4.Aegis as a late game survibility tool is great especially when you cannot afford to wait 100seconds to respawn. You could also start building a rapier as a game breaking item if you still have a lot of charges.
Why other items are bad
1.Ring Of Basilius is not recommended due to the fixed mana regen and Jakiro’s natural high int gain. If you want the extra armor, get Buckler instead, Basilius is incomparable to a Void stone for early game spamming of Dual Breath.
2.Dagon is not gotten because there are much better items for Jakiro to get to maximize his hero as a support-damager. A 400 nuke at such a high mana cost is also nothing compared to your dual breath damage output.
3.Necrobook is not gotten since there is not much synergy between them and Jakiro’s skills except Ice path, which is pretty much unreliable, compared to other heroes which they are better suited for such as Rhasta or Bane.
4.Lothar’s Edge/Blink dagger is not gotten because he does not need that element of surprise unlike other heroes such as Earthshaker/Shadow fiend. Together with his high str gain and Eul’s, he should have no trouble escaping.
5.Other damage items such as S&Y etc are not gotten because Jakiro is not meant to be a DPS hero, all his skills are spammable and that is how you should use them.
How should I play Twin head dragon?
Play him as a support hero that causes confusion in battles, he’s pretty good at this kinds of things. All you need to do is spam skills wisely in team battles. His dual breath is also spammable and have a low mana cost, just like Pugna’s Nether Blast, therefore you should play it the same way, spam it whenever you can.
This guide will have pretty short game walkthrough strategy because the possibilities of what Jakiro can do is limitless, it’s the synergy between his skills that determines what you want him to be.
Early game
Head on to whichever lane you like, solo or not it’s fine. THD can handle a solo lane pretty well, sometimes with a partner he would be ‘underfed’ due to you getting all the kills with Dual Breath. Wait till level 3 before you start to use Dual Breath, level 1 dual breath is pretty useless just like lvl 1 Nether blast. Always use Dual breath to harass the enemy + get at least 1 creep kill, otherwise it is not worth it at all.
If your enemy hero is not a heavy nuker, hang around the melee creeps and pretend to last hit, because of Dual Breath most players will suspect something wrong when you suddenly come forward. Hanging around your melee creeps would enable you to sneak a few Dual Breathwithout them noticing.
There’s basically nothing much to talk about here, just spam your dual breath like hell once you have gotten your Void stone.
Mid game
You probably have gotten Mekasm by now, try to take down the first tower now and get your Eul’s ASAP. You can also head to help your allies in ganks with the extra 250hp heal that helps early game. Once you have gotten Eul’s, look for some easy targets, first of all, cast Dual Breath on him, land 1-2 hits, cast Ice Path, land 1 or 2 more hits, cyclone him up and then dual breath again once he lands. This should be able to kill most int and agi heroes during mid game due to the devastating 360damage each dual breath deals.
Late game
Just.. spam your dual breath and keep pushing.
Skill and Item Synergy
Now we have come to the most important part that I want to touch on in this guide, the devasting ways Jakiro’s skills and items synergy with each other.
This is the easiest of all, as mentioned early in the strategy part. First of all, you cast Dual Breath on an enemy, land 1-2 hits, follow up with Path, and then land 1-2 hits, then cyclone him, dual breath him again when he lands.
Cast path on an enemy hero, follow up with macropyre immediately. Then use dual breath to slow him for some time, and use purge to further slow him. Hex will also do in place of purge.
Dual Breath+ Manta +Ice Path+ Hex+chase+ Dual Breath
What a way to maximize the damage output from your images! Ice Path+Hex keeps him disabled for you and your images to pound on him for 5 seconds!
Dual Breath+Path+Purge/hex+Dual breath
This can also achieve a devasting effect even without macropyre.
Dual Breath+ Macropyre+Manta style+ Ice Path + hex + dual breath
If done properly, you can trap bigger collision heroes with your images inside the wall of fire. If not, fret not, there’s still hex and ice path for you.
How to..
Use Dual Breath
-Use it to farm and harass early game
-As a rule of thumb it should be casted whenever it has finish his cooldown on any enemy unit you see if you had already gotten an Eul’s
-Use it to slow down retreating enemies for your allies to catch up
Use Ice Path
-Casting Ice Path is just like casting Hook
-You have to anticipate and cast it where the enemy will move rather than clicking on the hero
-NEVER ever click on the hero while casting Ice Path because it will miss 99% of the time
Use Macropyre
-Never cast it alone, cast it together with your skills or with the help of your allies
Best Allies/Worst Enemies
Best Allies
Rexxar-The BeastMaster
WTF? Beast Master is one of Jakiro’s best allies??!! Yes of course, Primal roar has a FOUR second stun plus its short cooldown, making that target absorb near to the maximum damage of macropyre. Plus, Beastmasater would probably draw a lot of fire from primal roar, and the other heroes are damaged in the process as they try to get close to BM while entering macropyre.
Heroes which can disable for a long period of time
Well, need I say more? They are basically for the same reasons as the above.
Worst Enemies
Lucifer-The Doom Bringer, Notrom-The silencer
Being so highly dependent on spells, silence means a lot to Jakiro as it probably means that he would be very useless in a team battle.
How to counter: Best if you go with an ally to kill them, otherwise there’s really not a lot of things you can do if you are doomed or silenced in a battle
Pugna-The Oblivion
Nether ward is all spammers’ bane.
How to counter:Always check your status bar before entering a battle, if you find the icon then try to search for the spot where you think he would have planted it first.
The item justifications are a bit short, but there’s basically nothing else to get other than those few items on Jakiro, and he benefits more from his spells rather than the items too.


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